Monday, August 23, 2010

IV Iron Infusion...Say What?!

Today was my first IV iron infusion at Virginia Baptist. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really how I would prefer to spend a warm August afternoon.

I've had low iron for several years now and because of my ongoing stomach issues, I don't digest iron pills very well and it doesn't stay in my system long enough to do any good.

When I saw my doctor this past week for my annual physical we reviewed all my blood work results and he immediately had this look of shock on his face. I must admit I was extremely nervous. He then proceeded to tell me that the results from my iron labs were too low to register. This is not the first time I've heard this. After they retested my iron level in the office, it registered somewhere in the 4 range. "Normal" people's iron level is somewhere between 13 & 15. Needless to say, a lot of the side effects of low iron were starting to make sense for me personally. My doctor proceeded to ask me how I was functioning. Truly, honestly, not well but how do you really know how not well you are functioning until you have something to compare it to?

He recommended getting 2 high doses of iron via infusion and I initially thought he was joking. Say what?! Then the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I mean really, who doesn't want to feel better? I definitely do. I would love to have more energy and focus.

So today I finished my first round. I will do another IV iron infusion in 2 weeks and will spend another Monday afternoon at Virginia Baptist Hospital for at least 6 hours. All of this in the name of feeling better...bring it on.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week I have been especially thankful for many things. Below is just a snapshot of those blessings both big and small.

~~ Celebrating being married to Larry for 10 years, crazy to think we have been married that long and I am thankful for all the memories we have made

~~ time spent dreaming about vacations, building another home and expanding our family

~~ the challenges of being a parent, I know that sounds crazy but I keep telling myself all the challenges are just sharpening my parenting skills and hopefully helping

~~ getting to spend extra time with my Mom and Dad since they are the most awesome peope in the world and volunteered to keep Tanner all week while his preschool was closed

~~ leftovers

~~ late night snacks

~~ 5 minutes of quiet time in the car when I feel like I can actually hear God

~~ getting to hang out with friends and catch up, be silly and let go

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Part Deux

Oh good day.

Today I felt like a parenting experiment gone terribly wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

Today has been one of those days when I look back and go, "Wow, really? That's how that went?" Sadly, yep. No need to take down notes or jot down any tips because today nothing seemed to work. Maybe that's he lesson in it all?

Not only was the countdown in full effect so was the following:
1. the toddler time out
2. the Mommy time out
3. ignoring said toddler's temper tantrum and subsequent yelling and throwing of small self on the floor
4. encouraging said toddler to make another choice and showing awesome options that would be a billion times better than the previously mentioned temper tantrum
5. begging
6. pleading
7. crying

Dear God please bless me as a parent and give me the wisdom to be the parent you planned for me to be and Tanner needs me to be. Please let me wake up with a few new tricks in my parenting bag, that, or could you maybe send me on a vacation?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The countdown.

More than likely you've either heard this from your parents during your childhood or you've used it recently as a parent with your own kids although the number sequence may vary.

I have recently found myself having to use the countdown in more situations that I care to admit. Mostly, I use the countdown in trying to teach Tanner obediance. This is a huge concept for a 2 year old but what a better time to lay this foundation than right now? Right? Maybe?

He needs to have a clear understanding of what Larry and I expect from him and what society expects of everyone as human beings. I am trying to raise a thoughtful and caring little boy so that when he grows up and is a man, he knows how to treat those around him.

I have also had to use the countdown for myself, especially when Tanner in his true 2 year old fashion disobeys even the littlest request. I mean the blatant disobediance frustrates me on a level I didn't even know existed for me personally.

I am usually a very calm, relaxed and flexible person. I also pride myself with being aware of how others are feeling or perceive situations and this goes for Tanner as well. I try to remember that he is only 2 and he is learning about his environment and is bombarded continuously with new input that he has to make sense of. It's the times when I can see him thinking about what I'm asking him to do, or not do, and then purposefully making the opposite decision that is unbelievably infuriating. For me, this is when I have to use the countdown.

Tonight I found myself actually having to walk away, leave the room, breathe it out and apply the countdown just to get control of my emotions. I hate feeling like I can't get Tanner to understand that what I'm asking him to do is in his best interest. What 2 year old understands this? Instead, I have to make myself understand that this is just a bump in the road and tell myself that it will get better and to keep on teaching him the things I need him to know and get.

Until then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Belated Thankful Thursday

This week I have been especially thankful for many things. Below is just a snapshot of those blessings.

~ getting to spend time with my Grandma on her 82nd birthday

~ spending time laughing with ridiculously crazy co-workers while chilling at Smith Mountain Lake

~ feeling a small sense of accomplishment when my 2 year old spontaneously says "please" and "thank you"

~ the extra cuddle time I've had with said 2 year old

~ comfortable shoes

~ clean sheet night

~ the awareness of God's amazing love

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple Sense of Peace

This afternoon I had a few minutes in the car by myself, which is extremely rare, and I experienced a moment where everything in my world just felt right. I felt like I could actually hear God telling me to take a moment and catch my breath.

Women today have so many roles and we wear so many hats that it's hard for us to have those tidbits of time that are just for catching our breath.

We are moms, wives, daughters, workers, short order cooks, dry cleaners, taxi drivers, maids, cheerleaders, nurses and much, much more but my favorite role is one that doesn't really have a title and doesn't fit neatly into a little box.

I love when I can hear God speak, feel that simple sense of peace that only He gives me and pass that peace to my family through more personal time, extra patience, the special taste of love in a home cooked meal, one more bed time story or song, a tighter goodnight hug and just letting His love shine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini Dates or in Tanner Speak, Memmy Dates

My amazing parents have started asking to keep Tanner every so often so Larry and I have really tried to take advantage of the time together. We have been joking and referring to this time as mini dates.

We've grabbed a cheap dinner, seen a cheap movie or just spent time at home in a more quiet house than normal. Some times we have just walked around Lowes or Home Depot and dreamed. It's been a kind of renewal of our relationship and it's great.

When we talk about it with Tanner we call it mini dates and he always says that he wants to date with us too. The way he words it is really cute. It does get a little silly and weird though when he says he wants to date me or Larry for that matter.

Tonight we were having a family date which consisted of dinner at Taco Bell and then grocery shopping at Kroger and Tanner looked as seriously as a 2 year old could muster and said, "Daddy, I wanna memmy date you and Mommy." How cute is that?!

Anyway, it started us thinking that the special times we spend with Tanner will from now on be called Memmy Dates. We ran this idea by him and he said, "Sure Momma. Ok. Sounds good. Can I have a cookie?" I love that kid!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

I don't know exactly why it happens, but just about every Sunday night I get this overwhelming feeling of dread.

I know it has something to do with having to go back to work on Monday but it couldn't be all of it since it's not like I hate my job. I'm thankful to have a steady income and be a part of a company that actually promotes family first. All in all, my job isn't that bad.

I think what it stems from is that during the weekend I spend mega time with Tanner and I know that come Monday morning someone else will get to spend all that time with him. I also wish that I could work a different schedule so I don't feel like I'm rushing every morning to pass him to someone else. I just want to be there for him more.

We've had an amazing weekend and I just don't want to see it come to an end. Somehow I'm going to figure out how to make it last. I'll let you know the gameplan just as soon as God reveals it to me.