Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Break Up Letter Rebuttals

Thanks to my friend Jill, she and Winter wrote me a rebuttal letter to my initial break up letter. Enjoy.

Dear Jamie,

Don't think you can get rid of me so easily. I remember the first days that we spent together. You wanted me... you desired me. And I played an important part in your changing seasons.

I settled in and made myself comfortable. The children adored me and looked forward to seeing me every day. And now, just when I'm getting settled in... you are ready to call it quits? I feel used and abandoned.

I won't give up as easily as you think. You have not seen the last of me.
So.... sleep with one eye open.

Yours truly,

So of course in true Jamie fashion, I have to put Winter in it’s place. Here it my rebuttal to their rebuttal. In your face Winter. Hmmmph.

Dear Winter,

I was hoping we could have an amicable parting but I see from your rebuttal letter that is not the case.

Although you are right that in the beginning I did want you, I even desired you, now I feel like I can not get away from you fast enough and to some degree that hurts worse. I was really hoping we could remain friends however trite that sounds.

You make my skin dry to the point of cracking, burning and itching. It is not pleasant and it makes that initial desire and warm feelings turn into bitterness and resentment. I lay awake night after night trying to scratch that unreachable itch. I am tired of wearing sensible shoes and a bulky coat and scarf because of your painful chill that even with multiple layers, I can not escape. You have stolen from me several weekends and made me shovel your droppings day after day. I’ve just grown weary of your antics.

Winter, please understand that we are through. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings but I can see that it won’t be easy to make you thoroughly understand that I do not want to see you anymore. Please go away…and if you see Spring on your way out, don’t be alarmed, he’s “just a friend”.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Break Up Letter

Dear Winter,

We’ve been together now for several months and I just don’t think it’s working out.

Our relationship was beautiful in the beginning as your white fluffy flakes fell from the sky. It made me feel happy as I blinked it off my eyelashes and caught it on my tongue. It even closed my work for a day and other work days we opened late or closed early. They were truly bright points in our relationship that I will never forget.

Sadly, now the white fluffy goodness is a gray slushy mess on the side of the road and it’s become much harder than it used to be. We used to have fun, but now it just seems like we have to work too hard. I have grown tired of the layers that I must put on day after day to avoid your cold chill. My skin is pale and itchy and I miss seeing the grass. Perhaps we have run our course.

Believe me when I say I don’t blame you for anything and that truly it’s not you, it’s me. We’re also in a different place now than when this relationship first began. At first I was trying to escape Summer’s oppressive heat and Autumn just passed by too quickly. I think we’ve just grown a part. I want you to know that I enjoyed our time together and I will cherish the memories we’ve made together but that I can no longer see you. I wish you well and I hope you find true happiness.

With Fondness,


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

Usually Valentines Day is just another day at our house. I don’t mean to make that sound sad, pessimistic or lame, it’s just the way it is.

I have a very hard time being mainstream, always have. This includes Valentines Day which is overly commercial and makes me irritated to some degree. So we’ve just somewhat avoided it.

With that being said, this Valentines Day was the best that I’ve had in years. I think because the usual focus is to be romantic so occasionally you feel let down when the romance isn’t what it perhaps used to be. Well this year, I had a new Valentine and my day was very different.

First my date picked me up and even came to the door. We went to Target which is one of my favorite places and then had a fabulous cheeseburger on a crescent at Sundae Grill. After that we saw New Moon together again (Oh Bella, why do you always breathe so weird? You get on my nerves). We laughed and overall had a fabulous date. Thanks Jill for an amazing afternoon and evening! You are a great Valentine and an awesome friend!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can It Get Any Shorter?

The answer is yes. The question, while initially vague, refers to my hair.

Today I got a hair cut from a new guy named Alex. This is the same new guy that my mom just started going to. He’s a little hicky but gives a mean cut.

He cut my hair and he stopped. We both looked at it and he cut it some more. He stopped and we looked at it again together and he cut it some more. This went on for probably 20 minutes.

He never second guessed himself; he just wanted to make sure he liked what he was doing. I agree that this is a good method especially since my hair is tricky. It’s thick and wavy although I wear it straight and short. I used to think cutting short hair was easy, I was wrong.

When he was finally satisfied and finished I loved it. It’s shorter than usual, which isn’t saying that much, but it’s short. It feels great, hip and kind of funky. Again, I love it.

The best part? Not only do I love it, it was $12. That’s right, I said $12. You can’t even go to the mall and get a Master Cuts hair cut for $12. He didn’t shampoo it since I had done that this morning but that would have only been $4 more. I got a great cut and I’m not broke after the fact.

So go see Alex and save some dough!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Circles of Friends

Sometimes I wonder how to best be a part of different groups of friends. Does anyone else go through this?

I have several diverse circles of friends and while I feel blessed to have these friends, I find it interesting that they don’t overlap. It’s almost like they can’t overlap. Maybe that’s because what makes us individuals creates the parameters for the group. All of these circles are great for different reasons and each of them helps me grow in some way. I find it more fascinating than anything.

I have 1 to 2 friends that I have been friends with all my life while I have new friends that I have known for less than a year and even less than several months. I have friends from elementary, middle and high school and friends from college. I have friends from work and church. I have Bunco, Twilight and Facebook friends. I have individual friends that are also a part of couple friends. It’s crazy and I love it.

These groups rarely if ever overlap although there have been occasions when this has happened. Sometimes it's awkward, sometimes it's just fine, sometimes it's perfect and sometimes I make more friends and come out the other side better for having made the leap.

Again, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and diverse people. I love you friends!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Little Joys of Motherhood

I tried to post this Thursday of last week but had a few troubles. Anyway, please read the post below as if it was last Thursday.

Yesterday my little man pee peed in the potty. Twice. It's kind of a big deal. He also wore big boy underwear. That's kind of a big deal too.

We have been loosely potty training Tanner for a little over a month now and so far so good. The reason I say loosely is because we were still in the "feeling it out" stages to see if he was ready. Since he's newly 2, we definitely didn't want to push him if he wasn't ready. We figured slow and steady wins the race.

He had previously pee peed in the potty a few times, but never twice in a row with no accidents in between and prior to yesterday he hadn't pee peed in the potty at all at preschool. Well I got an email yesterday morning from his teachers saying he pee peed in the potty and his teachers and preschool pals went nuts doing the potty dance. They said it was hilarious and Tanner loved the potty dance more than he liked the treat.

I think tonight we might check out training pants. That seems to be the next step since prior to putting on "big boy" underwear we didn't have a lot of consistency.

He tells me all the time, "No dypa Momma, unna waya". Sounds like he might just be ready. He's such a monkey!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Friend, My Calendar

For 3 years now I have used the same calendar and I love it. It’s called Busy Body Book ( - currently has a sale too) and it’s just amazing. It’s mainly set up for all the many schedules Moms and families have to juggle and has 5 “slots” so each family member can have their own block of time for their activity for a particular day.

Let me start by saying, I don’t use my Busy Body Book how it’s really meant to be used. I use it how it works best for me. Since I still keep a paper calendar rather than use a scheduler on a mobile device, I made it fit my life and my personality.

My BBB is small yet big enough to handle how large I write. The pages are thick so it handles how hard I press my pen. It also has plenty of space for whatever I need to write for a specific day or week (it has a week at a time view). It also has a half lined half blank page on the left hand side for any random notes. Its spiral bound so it lays flat rather than folding up as soon as I start to write something.

I also like a little color in my life and the BBB is plain on the inside so I write most events in blue ink, special events like birthdays and anniversaries in red ink and I mark payday for Tanner’s preschool in green (fun and anal retentive at the same time).

In addition to the color I add myself; I add a special picture on the left hand side of the calendar. This new project alone has been so entertaining. I started by Googling a picture of an orange gerbera daisy. I found 1 I liked, and then I found another and another. I printed them out and cut and adhered them to the left side of my BBB. Then I Googled other fun stuff; vacation destinations, pictures of the cast of The Big Bang Theory, a random picture of a donkey that makes me laugh every time I see it, icebergs (they really are fascinating), lightning, sun rises, and more. I am looking forward to filling my BBB up with 52 of the coolest pictures I can find. So far, they all make me smile.