Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mixed Emotions

You ever have one of those times in your life that although things seem to be going ok, you still feel like you are in a major funk? I don't know what my deal is but that last few weeks I have felt run down and a little on the cranky side. Again, I have no idea what my deal is or what exactly this stems from... but I have some ideas.

1. My mom asked me if I was sick. I don't feel sick, just tired and tired of crap in particular. Several things are going on around me that are out of my control and I just want to be able to 1. change them or 2. make them go away.

2. My teammate from work is now out on maternity leave and where as I am truly happy for her, I am doing all her work in addition to mine while she is out. The work is tough, time consuming, I am stressed and I don't have enough hours in the day to get it all done. I don't function well being behind.

3. I don't have a sounding board that gets me.

4. I still want a baby and I'm tired of feeling broken.

5. I'm having trouble with my speech again.

6. I miss my true girlfriends, road trips and the beach.

This is just the short list. The list of things going well is much longer though so that's a plus, I know I'm loved and I do feel blessed. Thanks to Jill, I am also putting my 101 Things That Make Me Smile list in place.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enjoying Some Fam Time

In a previous blog I stated that we were getting ready to have Larry's family stay with us for a while. Well...they are here! I love having family around and since Larry's family is from CA, we don't get to see them all that much. They are staying with us for an entire week and keeping Tanner since his sitter is closed. We are all loving it. Tanner is really enjoying waking up and seeing his Mimi and Papa.

Today we went to Kid's Cove at at TRBC but it was short lived because it was crowded and Tanner really just wanted to run around. We were trying to think of something inside to do since it's so stinking hot outside. After Kid's Cove we went to Toys R Us where the grandparents bought him a toddler 4 wheeler. It's really small and super cute. I can't wait for him to ride it.

What to do for the rest of the week. Today is the only day I am able to take off because my teammate is having a baby tomorrow. She is being induced and I have been advised that I can not take any vacation while she is gone. I will save that rant for another blog. Anyway...

Off to plan something for tomorrow and dinner for tonight!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to blogging...and a haircut

First, my apologies to those who need me to blog more often so they have something to help them waste time. I am sorry I have been a complete blog slacker. I will try to do better. My goal is at least once a week. The thing is, I want to blog when I'm at work because I'm at the computer all day but when I get home, being on the computer is the last thing I want to do. Anyway, I Jamie Gagnon, promise to be a better blogger.

Second, I got my hair cut. I was trying to let it grow out but it was getting to that disastrous part where every day I asked myself what I was doing. What was I thinking?! Since my hair is naturally curly, I was just fighting against nature and sadly, I was losing. My hair was getting to the point where it would take me at least 20-30 minutes just to get it blow dried and flatened. And did it stay that way for long, nope. As soon as any sort of humidity hit it, it would frizz. It feels much better and I think I'll keep it short for a while.

Well, off to finish some chores. Larry's family is coming in from CA next week and I need to get the house in order...