Monday, January 31, 2011

My List

A friend of mine blogged recently and just listed things she enjoyed. She also mentioned that she needed to blog to get all of the randomness out of her head rather than blogging for other people's benefit. This often sounds like what I struggle with blogging on a regular basis so I think I needed a reminder to just start typing.

This is for you Becca in no particular order...

Road Trips with the Girls
Snuggling with Lou, Tanner and Cali
Target & Sams
Black Out Curtains
Bunco & My Bunco Girls
Slumber Parties - yes, you can still do that in your 30s
Jesus Money
The Beach
Broken in Jeans
Yoga Pants - and no Jill, not much Yoga is actually done while wearing these :o)
Flip Flops
Painted Toe Nails
Reading a Good Book - especially a series when I know there is more goodness to come

And, yes, Becca, above everything else... I love Jesus! :o)

1 comment:

Jill said...

my list of enjoyable things includes,
"when friends blog" !!! :-)
love it!